Awakened Body, Illumined Mind:

A Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Natalie Rousseau


Meditation provides many benefits for the mind and the body, and though the practice itself is simple many of us find it quite challenging. With this workshop we will explore the ways in which we can use our physical practice of yoga to support our work in the more subtle practices of pranayama and meditation. The emphasis will be on learning how to use these tools to help us regulate our nervous system, focus our minds, and expand our awareness. No previous meditation experience necessary, detailed instruction will be provided.

Saturday, October 14
12:00 - 3:00pm
$35+gst (pre-registration is required)


Save your spot! Natalie's workshop often sell out and aren't to be missed!

About Natalie:

I practice because yoga has helped me to fall in love with life.  I stumbled into my first yoga class almost by accident and came away with a daily practice that continues to bring clarity, depth, and strength to myeveryday experience. My personal journey on the path of yoga began in 1999, and like any intimate relationship it continues to deepen and reveal ever more subtle layers of beauty and wonder with each passing year. I practice because the rhythm of this daily ritual grounds me in truth,  opens me to possibility,  and challenges me to live each day more fully. My commitment to my practice hastaught me how to have faith in myself, and in my ability to change.