Awakening The Spine

Back Bending in the Iyengar Yoga Method


Join certified Iyengar Yoga teacher Sean O’Leary in a 3 hour workshop to create strength and confidence while supporting the spine in back bending postures. This progressive yoga workshop will prepare students to develop stability, strength, and mobility to access supported and unsupported backbends.  Students can expect to learn experiential anatomy and suitable alignment of the postures. This workshop will awaken a deeper understanding of the spine and empower students to find confidence and longevity in their practice.  

6 months regular yoga practice required.  Students should be free from any injuries.

Saturday, January 19
2:00 - 5:00pm

Space is limited. Pre-Registration is required

Learning Outcomes:

•   How to strengthen the back body/posterior chain to support the spine
•   Develop hamstring, glute and core strength to stabilize pelvis
•   Understand how to utilize the breath to bring awareness to the core and psoas
•   Experiential anatomy of postures, preparatory strength drills , progressive sequence
•   Students will learn to execute both supported and unsupported backbend postures 


Sean O'Leary is a Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and brings a caring and heartfelt approach to teaching. He shares his passion for yoga and experience to empower students to build confidence and insight into a sustainable yoga practice.  Sean's classes are fun, educational, and sure to be alignment focused while exploring the energetic and the subconscious aspects of yoga.