Getting to Know Jenna Deseta

Meet Jenna De Seta


Live Yoga is running a series of teacher profiles to introduce you to our fabulous team.

 Originally from the Comox Valley, Jenna has called White Rock home for most of her life and it’s where she caught the yoga bug at the age of 22.

 “Growing up, I was always athletic and loved running and horseback riding,” she says. “After trying yoga a few times, I started a regular practice when I was training to be an RCMP officer. I thought it would help with the physical demands of the job and it gave me a level of determination to keep moving forward.”

 She was practicing 3-4 times per week at Live’s studio and it was in a sitting meditation that the thought occurred to her that perhaps the RCMP wasn’t the right career for her, and that what she really wanted to do was teach yoga.

 “Once I made the decision, it wasn’t long before I enrolled at the Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja, Mexico and I have never looked back.”

 Jenna graduated in 2011 and has been teaching steadily ever since. Since then she has also earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Simon Fraser University and a certification in Somatic Counselling.

 “Yoga is not about pants, it’s about being in your body and working with your mind,” Jenna says. “It continues to ask me how I am showing up in the world.”

 Jenna feels where her work is now is to support people as they move through the discomfort of bringing what is not in conscious awareness to the surface through yoga. Her main motivation is to be a rock for her students.

 “It blows my mind that I get to be that person for other people when so many were there to support me. Yoga meets you where you are.”

When it comes to the future, Jenna can see opening her own version of a community centre in a few years, with a focus on meditation, yoga, and movement practice in a healing, communal space.

 “I want my students to know I’ve got them and how I show up for them is a big part of my own practice.”

 Jenna teaches Monday evenings at 7:00pm and Thursdays at noon. She also facilitates all our renowned beginners yoga classes throughout the year.