Embodying Contentment

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May 28 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm

This 1.5 hour progressive vinyasa flow workshop will include dynamic and challenging yoga postures yet have a slow and steady pace to still be grounding and nourishing.  Meet yourself where you are as the philosophy of contentment will be discussed and explored through embodied movement. Practicing contentment (Santosa, one of the niyamas in patajali’s yoga sutras) brings a sense of peace and inner joy and allows us to approach difficult and challenging yoga postures with positivity. 

Come for this fun filled progressive classes that will build toward a peak pose.  Be prepared to move, sweat, and explore an array of hip openers and challenging sequence of postures.  This workshop is open for all students but not recommended for those with injuries. 

May 28 - 12:30pm - 2:00pm

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Meet CJ Milne

I began my yoga journey in 2010 and have dipped my toes into several different pools of knowledge and styles of yoga along the way. I have been very privileged to learn from some amazingly talented and beautiful teachers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I am trained in Hatha and Anasura Inspired Yoga as well as Vinyasa/Flow. I enjoy teaching classes that are well balanced and fun, with focus around alignment and safety within each pose. I continually reflect on my own practice and my life in order to discover my true self and have come to realize that I love simplicity and the genious within it. My yoga practice is ever evolving and always educational, I do my best to share my experiences on my mat with my students in each class I teach.