Gentle Stress Release Yoga for Women

with Marnie

This class is held at a slower pace focusing on gentle stretches, flowing movements, stress release techniques, rejuvenation and healing. A combination of mindfulness, Qigong, yoga and breath work will be included.  This is a soothing class to calm your nervous system and relax any tension held in the body. Perfect class for stress reduction and increasing joint mobility!

Wednesdays, 11am-12:15pm
March 7 - April 18

7-weeks of classes, $112+gst

Registration is open now. Click on the link above to reserve your spot

About Marnie :  Marnie is passionate about the healing benefits of yoga and the value of creating community. Marnie has studied healing modalities for over twenty years and is convinced that the mind-body connection is very powerful. Specializing in yoga for stress release, she believes that a calm mind relaxes the body and an open relaxed body calms the mind. In addition, Marnie brings experience in nutrition, fitness training, counseling, energy work, spirituality, and psychology, and is a certified clinical hypnotherapist. "Yoga is a wonderful way to learn about our mind, body and spirit in a heartfelt way. Our yoga practice teaches us inner peace which brightens our community and the world."

Next session:  March 7, 2018 & May 2, 2018