Online Gift Cards - Now Available! 

You can now purchase Live Yoga gift cards for your special someone online.



1. Click Gift cards and select what type of gift card you wish to purchase.



2. Fill out information as requested and choose an image for the gift card.  
Next, click "Make Purchase." 
You can also preview the gift card to see how it will look before purchasing.

3. Follow prompts on checkout screen to ensure you have selected desired gift card. Please note there is an option to check out by logging in with your name or "Log in as Guest."



4. Now input login information to create a new account or find yourself in our Mindbody online store (if you already have a user account) or go back to choose "Log in as Guest."  






5b. Existing Students of Live Yoga should be already in the system. Choose "This is me!" to continue creating a username and password. Do not "create a new account" if you have already come for class with us. You are already in the system. 

5a. For brand new students/shoppers to Live Yoga fill out your login info.

Please complete all fields.

Please note -  Check "Email reminders & notifications" for messages related to your account. Click "subscribe to our newsletter" to receive our newsletter (1 per month. News, classes, etc. No spam!)

6. Complete billing information and click "Place Order."  

7. You are done now.  The last step is to share the gift of yoga!

There are 2 options to give your gift card:

1. Print gift certificate and give it your special someone.

2. Or Select to have an automatic email sent on date of your choice.

Once they receive their gift certificate they can redeem it online or in store.

If you have any questions, contact us at practice(at) ! See you in the studio!