Yoga for a Healthy Back in White Rock and Surrey


Saturdays, 2pm - 3:30pm

October 5 - November 16

with Sean
7-week Series, $98 +gst

Healthy Back Series

The healthy back series uses yoga practice as an approach towards healing acute and chronic back pain.  This pre-registered series is suitable for all ages, levels and anyone who is frustrated with back pain. Whereas back pain sufferers may not find general classes appropriate for their needs, this class provides a slow-paced, safe environment to accommodate healing yoga postures suitable for each individual.

By learning to find comfort in our bodies and release tension, we will start to investigate the origins and causes of our pain.  By addressing our habits and mis-alignments we can bring more awareness to creating new movement patterns.

The asana(s) (yoga postures) will be a blend of gentle and relaxing techniques but also include postures to build core and strengthen the back and spinal muscles..  Emphasis during classes will be on finding comfort in the body, rather than performing intense or advanced yoga stretches.  The goal is that students can take home their own sequence of exercises to practice daily. Please obtain doctor's consent prior to enrolling in this course.




Next Sessions Begin Fall 2019

Space is limited. Register now in person, by phone (778-545-9918) or email ( to hold your spot. See you in the studio!

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About the teacher Sean:

As a true believer in the intelligence of the human body, Sean encourages his students to be their own teacher and listen to their inner wisdom.  A veteran of sports injuries from skiing, rugby and hockey, Sean can always lend a hand with therapeutic adjustments or variations in poses. After sustaining a serious spinal injury in 2011, Sean took to a gentle and therapeutic yoga practice of Iyengar Yoga, in lieu of surgery, and has developed many wonderful tools for relieving pain, tension and healing the spine.  Sean is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher in good standing with the Iyengar Yoga Assosiation of Canada.  He shares his Healthy Back practice with us this winter!



"I had experienced debiliting low back and sciatic leg pain since June 2014 when I strained my back while gardening. An MRI completed in November 2014 showed a narrowed L4L5 disc, the same disc which had been operated on 30 years ago when I ruptured it in an aerobics class.  I was off work on a medical leave as a grade 6 teacher from October 2014 to June2015. During this time I tried Physio Therapy several times per week, laser therapy, traction, massage, and was prescribed Lyrica to help with the pain. These treatments provided only mild, temporary relief.

Finally in April 2015, after being encouraged by a friend, I tried your Healthy Back Yoga Sessions and miraculously I experienced immediate pain relief. By participating in these classes as well as the Therapudic Classes I have noticed steady improvement with my back issues and have noticed an overall feeling of well being. Consultation with an orthopedic surgeon in June 2015 indicated that surgery was not necessary as I am currently symptom free. I am anxious to continue exploring the ways in which Yoga can improve my entire body." 

Sandy Barns - Healthy Back alumni and Live Yoga student