In the Flow ā€“ Long Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Two 3-Hour Yoga Workshops with Katarina


Join Katarina Stofikova for two 3 hour flow yoga classes to explore and move your body.  Both sessions will consist of 20 minutes seated meditation followed by pranayama (breathing exercises) to prepare your body and mind for a dynamic asana (posture) practice.


The Roots
Sunday January 13
1:00 - 4:00pm

This 3 hour class will educate students on the function of the feet in yoga practice, the importance of rooting to understand oppositional energy, how to integrate the lower limbs into the hip joints, and an investigation of the deep core line.  Expect Standing poses and seated forward bends.  6 months regular yoga practice required.  Not suitable for students with injuries. 

The Trunk and Limbs
Sunday January 20
1:00 - 4:00pm

This 3 hour class will help students cultivate an understanding of the function of the hands in yoga practice, how to integrate the upper limbs into shoulder joints, defining the relationship of the 3 masses (hips, mid torso, and neck and head), and an exploration of the curves, mobility, and lengthening of the spine. 6 months regular yoga practice required.  Expect simple inversions and back bends. Not suitable for students with injuries.


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Katarina teaches Yoga and Pilates for White Rock Surrey


Katarina's yoga classes focus on building strength from the inside out. Her classes start slowly and build progressively, focusing on form, alignment and moving with the breath. She draws on a detailed knowledge of anatomy and movement to help students connect within as she guides them safely through the practice. Katarina is an experienced yoga practitioner, a former professional athlete, and a certified pilates teacher. It was a back injury that led her to pilates and a focus on core yoga, which has become her passion. "Not only did pilates and connecting to my core help me with my lower back injury, but when I got back to my yoga practice I couldnā€™t believe how much my practice had changed."