Kundalini & Pranayama

Balancing your hormones and increasing your vitality


In this series you will learn how to:

·      Breath effectively
·      Reset your glandular (hormonal) systems
·      Gain a hands on experience of your consciousness
·      Learn about your patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck in life
·      Improve your thinking skills
·      Improved health and communication skills
·      Greater improvement in your relationships


Are you wanting to feel more energized? Find more joy in your life? Improve sleep quality? Feel more emotionally balanced? Have more physical stamina?

Join Shae Savage on this progressive 4 week series coupling the glandular rebalancing and cleansing power of Kundalini Yoga with the nervous system recalibration of Classical Pranayama.

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that balances your glandular systems, strengthens your nervous system, increases muscular strength, joint stability and organ detoxification.  We utilize various movement recipes (kriyas), pranayama and meditation to activate the body physically, mentally and spiritually.

 You will be taught tangible tools to conquer daily stressors that are present in your everyday life.

 With this series you will be challenged in new and beautiful ways.

June 2 - June 23
4:00 - 6:00pm
4 week series with Shae Savage
(partial registration available)


 About Shae Savage:

Why do you Practice yoga?

Yoga is a way of life not just a series of asana (physical postures). In my experience yoga infuses the ultimate awareness of all aspects of self from how you think, feel and move in your life. My Sadhana (personal practice) is a non negotiable for me. It keeps me centered, peaceful and in tune in order to live in alignment with my heart. It allows me to walk my path regardless of external circumstances.

How is Kundalini Yoga different from Hatha?

Hatha Yoga is based on alignment of physical postures (asana) with sustained holds for 3, 5, 10 breaths. With the goal to achieve each posture with precision. Kundalini Yoga has no achievement of postures. It is strengthening the nervous system and re-aligning your chakras (energy centers in the body) by drawing the energy from the lower chakras up to the higher in order to achieve full body balance. This is achieved through repetitious movements and various breathing techniques.

 What are your favoruite poses/techniques?

One of favorite techniques would be re-wilding: performing dynamic and fluid movements that return you to what is wild and natural within you. Dance is a perfect example of this technique. Allowing the body to move freely without robotic constraints of our Modern day world. A proper breath practice (Pranayam) would also be at the very top of this list. Learning how to conserve my breath and regulate my energy. This places me in deep connection with how my body is functioning.

 What are you passionate about off the mat?

If I am not on my mat I am deep into the woods surrounded by the ancient tree spirits, rushing rivers and sacred mountains. I am passionate about self study and personal growth, environmentalism, sustainable living, healing the body through natural means and conscious eating.