Restoring the Myo-Fascial System:
A 2 Hour Self-Massage Workshop

with Katarina

Come and join Katarina for this explorative workshop delving into the interconnected matrix of the fascia. This workshop will illuminate the different layers and sheaths of connective tissues that hold our body together through self massage techniques using dowels and massage balls. Expect to learn about trigger point release, dowel tapping and other self care practices. This workshop is for all levels of yoga students, and is also ideal for runners or athletes looking to understand how to release tight muscles and restore sore and stiff areas of the body. Come curious and ready to learn! Gain a greater understanding of how interconnected the myo-fascial system is and adds to the wholeness of our being.

This workshop has a max capacity of 20 students so pre-register to save your spot!


Saturday March 25
2pm - 4pm


(pre-registration is required)

Workshop is SOLD OUT!

About Katarina:

Katarina's yoga classes and workshops focus on building strength from the inside out. Her classes start slowly and build progressively, focusing on form, alignment and moving with the breath. She draws on a detailed knowledge of anatomy and movement to help students connect within as she guides them safely through the practice. Katarina is an experienced yoga practitioner, a former professional athlete, and a certified pilates teacher. It was a back injury that led her to pilates and a focus on core yoga, which has become her passion. "Not only did pilates and connecting to my core help me with my lower back injury, but when I got back to my yoga practice I couldn’t believe how much my practice had changed."