Skill in action: An Afternoon with Dan Clement

Yoga Workshop with Dan Clement

Cultivating Curiosity:
Inspiring Deeper Practices in Students

This session is for teachers and interested students and will explore teaching methodology, language, cuing and how to offer students a deeper understanding of their yoga practice.  Come and learn to share your yoga practice more effectively.

Saturday, February 17
2:30 - 4:30pm
$35+gst (pre-registration required)

Skill in Action: 2 Hour Yoga Workshop

Join Dan Clement for a 2 hour yoga workshop focusing on skillfully refining the actions required to safely perform simple, key, yoga poses. We'll look at the forms and anatomical benefits of the poses, theory of appropriate stimulus, as well the muscular and energetic actions to both stabilize and expand our yoga postures. Open to all levels.

Saturday, February 17
12:00 - 2:00pm
$35+gst (pre-registration required)


Teacher Training Workshop with Dan Clement


Sign up for both sessions for $60+gst


Dan Clement is the founder of the Open Source Yoga School, author of "Teaching Hatha Yoga" and "Your Wound is Your Gift".  He offers training for Therapeutic Alignment, Thai Yoga Massage, and skill-up tools for yoga teachers.

Dan lives on the gulf island of Texada and teaches here in British Columbia as well as abroad in Japan and China. Find out more at