Employer Sponsorship Program

The Live Yoga Employee Sponsorship Program is designed to help you build a healthier and more efficient workplace.  By sponsoring a percentage of each employees' yoga class purchases you make their wellness a priority by reducing the cost of doing yoga and staying healthy.

How the Program Works:

Live Yoga will cover the first 10% of your employees' yoga purchases.  Your company an additional percentage it wishes to sponsor.  The combined percentage discount will form your sponsorship program code assigned by Live Yoga

Employees can use this code to reduce the cost of yoga passes or pre-registered yoga courses at our studio in White Rock or our online store.

The Employee Sponsorship Program is fully customizable to suit your company's budget and wellness program needs. 


Each Month Live Yoga will provide a transaction report of all purchases under your company sponsorship code and invoice you for  your percentage contribution towards all yoga passes, pre-registered courses, and memberships purchased.

Your employees' get access to all of our drop in yoga classes (over 20 each week) as well as our renowned pre-registered courses like Beginners Yoga and Healthy Back Yoga.

Benefits of Yoga for Employees:

Yoga has been shown to have many benefits when practiced regularly especially in workplace efficiency.  Here are a few benefits employees' may notice:

  • Decline in stress-related absenteeism
  • Improved employee attitude and outlook
  • Relief from head, neck and back strain, and work related injuries from repetitive motion
  • Improves posture, muscle tone, fitness, and flexibility
  • Encourages cooperation skills and equality
  • Improves memory, mental clarity and concentration

Yoga Improves Your Workplace:

The health and wellness of your company's workforce will have a definite impact on your bottom line. Here is how yoga practice can impact the health of your business:

  • Reduce employee sick days
  • Improve company morale and job satisfaction
  • Reduce employee stress levels
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Attract top performing employees
  • Decrease health care premiums
  • Creates a Kinder and gentler workplace and atmosphere

How do I get started?

Are you an employer or employee that would like to implement the Employer Sponsorship Program in your workplace?  For more information download the PDF information and registration package below.

Contact us with any inquiries by filling out the form below and we will get back to you soon.

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