Tuesday Pop Up Classes

Join us for our 6-7:15pm Tuesday night pop-up classes for special themes and to experience some of the different aspects of yoga practice and enjoy these extraordinary classes.


The Tale of Hanuman
Tuesday, November 13 6-7:15pm

Experience storytelling and asana (postures) with Leanne Kitteridge in this 75 minute strong asana practice with a peak pose of Hanumanasana: Full Splits! This beautiful mythology explains the pose Hanumasana as a Leap of Love - a reminder of the power we hold in our hearts and how our insecurities and doubts that often cloud our perspective enshroud that power. The practice will be woven into the stories and mythologies of this Hindu demigod. Come take a leap and join us! This class is best suited for students with at least 6 months yoga experience.

This is a drop in class!


Yoga for the Nervous System
Tuesday November 27 6-7:15pm

Join Jenna Deseta for this 75 minutes yoga class that will work to bring the students awareness to their nervous system and achieve a reduction in stress and tension in the body and mind. Students can expect an exploration of gentle yoga, somatic movement exercises, breathing practices, relaxation techniques and restorative yoga all aiming to completely relax and de-stimulate the nervous system. This is an all levels class.

This is a drop in class!


Kundalini Yoga
Tuesday November 6th - 6-7:15pm

Join Corinne Pennington in this Kundalini Yoga class where you will embark on a journey to invigorate your body and mind and unlock dormant energies within. Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of awareness! It is a dynamic practice of inner awakening where you learn to experience your own inner excellence.  For everyone who wants to learn skills to cope successfully with any of life’s challenges and stresses. Expect different kriyas (movements/or exercises), mantras, mudras, and other modalities to wake up and rejuvenate both body, mind and spirit. This is an all levels class.

This is a drop-in class!

hanuman flying lithograph-1.jpg

The Art of Breathing
Tuesday November 20 6-7:15pm

Join Sean O’Leary to explore the art of Pranayama or breathing. Pranayama uses simple techniques that involve the regulation, movement and experience of the breath. The breath intimately connects the mind to every tissue, muscle and cell of the body bringing a deep sense of relaxation and creates energy and vitality for the day. This practice allows for a meditative experience. This is an all levels class.

This is a drop-in class!