Understanding Alignment


This three-week gentle yoga series will explore preparatory movements, strength exercises and mobility techniques to allow for harmony in familiar yoga postures and stretches. The student can expect detailed instruction, alignment ideas, creative sequences, and experience the anatomy of their body and structure of the postures in each of the three specific weekly classes. These classes are a continuation of the healthy back series and are meant for all levels of students. Each explanatory class progressively builds upon the ideas and practices of the previous week.  

Saturdays, 2-3:30pm
November 17, 24 & December 1
$45+gst (all 3 sessions)
$17+gst (drop-in)

Space is limited. Register now in person, by phone (778-545-9918) or email (practice@liveyoga.ca) to hold your spot. See you in the studio!

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Saturday, November 17 - Neck and Shoulders

Everyone can benefit from this class. Combining a balance of strength, mobility, and classic stretching techniques, students will explore functional positions to bring openness to the chest and shoulder as well as freedom for the neck. You will also learn about the anatomy of the shoulders and how certain muscle groups help stabilize as well as tendencies that can inhibit us from enjoying happy shoulders and necks.


Saturday, November 24 - The Upper Back

Our ribs and upper back have a mysterious way of creating stiffness for the upper spine, the shoulders and neck as well as the lumbar spine and hips. We’ll strive to achieve some freedom, movement, and function in this specific area. Expect to explore different shapes in the spine, use props to support postures for confidence, and build strength and awareness of the upper spine. This class flows perfectly from Week One’s focus on the shoulders and neck.


Saturday, December 1 - The Low Back and Hips

Come and experience pelvic stability and learn to isolate the hips as different ranges of motion are explored. We’ll cover the lengthening, extension, and flexion of the lumbar spine as well as how the deep core muscles, hip flexors, and psoas affect both common hip movement and lumbar position. This inquisitive yoga class will provide for deep contemplation on what is functional for our own body and capabilities.

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About the teacher Sean:

As a true believer in the intelligence of the human body, Sean encourages his students to be their own teacher and listen to their inner wisdom.  A veteran of sports injuries from skiing, rugby and hockey, Sean can always lend a hand with therapeutic adjustments or variations in poses. After sustaining a serious spinal injury in 2011, Sean took to a gentle and therapeutic yoga practice of Iyengar Yoga, in lieu of surgery, and has developed many wonderful tools for relieving pain, tension and healing the spine.  Sean is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher in good standing with the Iyengar Yoga Assosiation of Canada.  He shares his Healthy Back practice with us this winter!



"I had experienced debiliting low back and sciatic leg pain since June 2014 when I strained my back while gardening. An MRI completed in November 2014 showed a narrowed L4L5 disc, the same disc which had been operated on 30 years ago when I ruptured it in an aerobics class.  I was off work on a medical leave as a grade 6 teacher from October 2014 to June2015. During this time I tried Physio Therapy several times per week, laser therapy, traction, massage, and was prescribed Lyrica to help with the pain. These treatments provided only mild, temporary relief.

Finally in April 2015, after being encouraged by a friend, I tried your Healthy Back Yoga Sessions and miraculously I experienced immediate pain relief. By participating in these classes as well as the Therapudic Classes I have noticed steady improvement with my back issues and have noticed an overall feeling of well being. Consultation with an orthopedic surgeon in June 2015 indicated that surgery was not necessary as I am currently symptom free. I am anxious to continue exploring the ways in which Yoga can improve my entire body." 

Sandy Barns - Healthy Back alumni and Live Yoga student