Vision Board Workshop

Join Marnie for a wonderfully fun and relaxing afternoon of gentle yoga and meditation as she guides you into creating your own personal vision board. This is the perfect arrangement for taking the time to listen to yourself and to envision what you would like to bring into your life in the upcoming year(s).

 With deep relaxation guidance, our busy thoughts stop and our minds become calm and we gain valuable insight.

 When you start assembling pictures that appeal to your profound self, you tap into one of the most powerful forces on the planet – your imagination! Your brain thinks and remembers in pictures. Therefore, by creating personal images for your vision board, they will stick in your mind and guide your choices toward making the vision real.

 These two hours will be well spent! You will leave relaxed, rejuvenated and enthusiastic for the upcoming year.

 Marnie specializes in relaxation training, yoga, depression and anxiety.

Sunday, January 15th
2:00pm - 4:00pm

About Marnie:

Marnie is passionate about the healing benefits of yoga and the value of creating community. She has studied healing modalities for over thirty years and promotes a practice that benefits both the body and mind in a calm and peaceful manner. Marnie specializes in yoga classes for stress release, anxiety, serious illness, and depression. Her classes include flowing movements, learning how to shift your energy, humour and fun. Her sequences will leave you feeling good from head to toe, for all ages and abilities. Marnie’s work as a certified clinical hypnotherapist and brings added knowledge and insight into her classes. "Yoga is a wonderful way to learn about our mind, body and spirit in a heartfelt way. Our yoga practice teaches us inner peace which brightens our community and the world."

Marnie has recently completed Dr. Michael Yapko’s 100 Hour Training in Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy for treating depression and anxiety. Dr. Michael Yapko, Ph.D., is internationally recognized for his work in treating depression, and developing strategic, outcome-focused psychotherapies. She has also completed his 100 hour clinical hypnosis and strategic psychotherapy course in the States. Marnie has also taken her therapeutic yoga training with Integrated Health Yoga Therapy in Hamilton Ontario.